fanny alliƩ

My mixed media and textile-based work influenced and directed by refuse, lost and overlooked elements of daily life, is an insight into the human experience and the precarious and intertwined narratives that link us to each other in our daily life. Acting as a modern-day scavenger of my own refuse and that of others, I explore the connection between these rejected objects and the body that engaged with it, considering our relationship to the world around us through our abandoned materials while shedding light on the environmental and societal consequences of our throw-away culture.

I find narratives and connections from the remnants and discarded objects of daily life. Giving voice to the human experiences and traces embedded within these materials, I elevate them as relics of ephemerality, memory, passage and loss. These interwoven stories are born from deeply personal and broadly collective experiences, shared mythologies anchored in an urban environment. I repurpose the materials and objects that we no longer want in order to create various characters that bear the traces of the world we live in, taking inspiration from my surroundings but also from dance and theater. The internal/emotional landscapes that I create are a study of the spaces we inhabit daily, starting with the body, the first place that contains us.

In conversation with my solitary studio practice which is driven by the handmade process, I develop site-specific and community-based public art sculptures that touch on human interrelation, collectiveness and the sense of place towards the environment one inhabits daily. I am interested in exploring the special attachment people have towards the place they live, work or spend time in, in order to develop a feeling of belonging and a sense of care for their surroundings. The human figure or presence, with a particular interest in its outline, trace or voice, is at the core of my public work and play with ideas of memory and the mark we leave on places and others. In my work, I am interested in exploring the relationship between individual and space, how the place we evolve in form us and impact us over time.

Through my socially-engaged public art installations, I intend to connect community members, the audience and the site itself. With a participatory and a site-specific approach, I am interested in turning daily life and day to day routine into an out of the ordinary experience for the participants and audience alike, triggering conversations and interaction among people in the public and shared space. I use art as a tool to connect people who may not interact with each other on a daily basis. I am also interested in making visible individuals, work, experiences that can be at times overlooked. In my previous projects, I have highlighted individuals experiencing homelessness, people who clean parks, security guards, sanitation workers, can collectors but also long time residents of gentrified neighborhoods.
The human body/figure anchored in its environment, is the thematic link between my studio practice and my public art projects.