fanny allié

Ranging from collages, collagraphs prints, installations and mixed media, my practice relating to the human condition, is inspired by remnants, refuse, overlooked and lost elements of daily existence.

In my work I integrate various collected materials such as used and torn garments, strips of plastic, party accessories and other small pieces of jewelry found on the street. Assembling them in relation to each other I take cues from existing stains and other mishaps. Each piece resulting in a combination of accidents and intentions is a materialization of fugitive moments, gestures and encounters.

Both the figures I create, as well the spaces into which I place them, are fragile and unstable. They are ill defined and unrestrained by their surroundings, existing in a fleeting “in-between” state. My characters -inspired by the observation of people’s everyday motions and actions- act as recurrent symbols that can be seen throughout my work and that exist and evolve in environments or landscapes that I create for them. The figures fuse with their surroundings, bordering on abstraction; they turn into lost spirits that become the substance of the city itself, thereby creating a collective mythology of the spaces we inhabit daily.

Abandoned debris, human beings, and the movement of the city are coalesced and reformed into hybrid entities. Streets are depicted as a powerful, transformative force. Objects caught and battered in their flow retain the energy of those who traverse these passages.