fanny alliƩ

My practice is influenced and directed by refuse, lost and overlooked elements of daily life. I incorporate into my work found and discarded materials, including textiles and objects, juxtaposing these remnants to produce records of contemporary life. Acting as a modern-day scavenger of my own refuse and that of others, I repurpose abandoned everyday objects in an effort to expose the human traces woven into these materials, to redirect the waste of our consumer culture and to reflect on the precarious narrative that links us to each other.

I find stories within the discarded remnants of mass produced objects, elevating them as icons of interpersonal connections and as relics of ephemerality, memory, passage and loss. These stories are born from deeply personal and broadly collective experiences, shared mythologies anchored in an urban environment. The materials and objects that we no longer want and that we leave behind retain the traces of our lives and of our bodies, therefore becoming testimonies.

I explore the connection between these rejected objects and the body that engaged with it, considering our relationship to the world around us through our abandoned materials. The internal/emotional landscapes that I create are a study of the spaces we inhabit daily, starting with the body, the first place that contains us.

In conversation with my solitary studio practice, which is driven by the handmade process, I develop site-specific and community-based public art projects focusing on human interrelation and collectiveness. I am interested in highlighting the connection people have to one another and to the place they inhabit, in order to develop a sense of community, belonging and a sense of place. I intend the public sculpture and its surrounding to become a place of social hangout where participants and the audience may get to meet and interact with each other. The human figure, with a particular interest in its outline or trace, is at the core of my public work and play with ideas of memory and the mark we leave on places and others.