fanny alliƩ

My work shows traces of a fleeting moment, an ephemeral existence and most of all, a narrative that links us to each other in our daily life.

A city is made by all the individuals who inhabit it; the ones that we see everyday and the invisible ones who merge with facades and sidewalks and who become the street itself. My practice is based on my own subjective experience of the city through the people I cross paths with, on a daily basis. Found materials is at the core of my practice: found paper, used fabric, strips of plastic or scraps of wall paint, fragments and little objects found on the street are used for the making of my characters which become creations of the city itself. My imaginary characters inspired by underground and unseen human figures often carry and develop alternative economies, in an urban context.

If collage is one of the mediums that I use in order to recreate a narration between my characters, it becomes the main stake of the last collographic prints developed during my recent fellowship at The EFA Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop. Conceived as an increased variation of the simple technique of collage, my recent printmaking works stage fragments of life captured in the urban sphere by playing with the assemblage of different recycled materials (a sandwich package) or picked up (a star found on the street). The omnipresence of the human then drifts towards a slow abstraction of the body, where the fragmented being becomes the substance of the city itself, thereby creating a collective mythology of the spaces we inhabit daily.

In conversation with my solitary studio practice, which is driven by the handmade process, I develop site-specific public art projects. The human figure, with a particular interest in its outline or trace, is at the core of my public work and play with ideas of memory and the mark we leave on places and others. In April 2017, I created Exquisite Corpse, a public, interactive and community-centered sculpture for Putnam Plaza in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, in collaboration with DOT Arts and A.I.R Gallery.